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Tradewater is a B Corp and mission-based project development company that is strategically focused on the collection, control, and destruction of potent non-CO2 greenhouse gases, permanently preventing their release into the atmosphere. Addressing non-CO2 gasses such as halocarbons, including old refrigerants and halons, and methane from abandoned oil and gas wells have been identified as urgent solutions to prevent catastrophic climate change by leading scientist at both Project Drawdown and the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
This project was focused on creating end-of-life solutions for refrigerants that are both potent greenhouse gases and ozone depleting substances. These refrigerants were banned from production via the Montreal Protocol, but there were no mandates put into place for their responsible destruction. Tradewater and its partners are the only ones addressing the issue of CFC and HCFC refrigerants globally with a model that reinvests profits from the sale of offset credits into scaling the solution around the world. These attributes make the project unique, additional, and necessary.
Tradewater has worked to develop collection networks in the US to identify and collect old refrigerant gases. Tradewater is focused on the small-scale aggregation of refrigerants meaning that Tradewater will collect refrigerants in any quantity anywhere in the US. In this work Tradewater has completed over 23,000 transactions in 49 states and has invested over $40 million into local communities. Tradewater aggregates the refrigerants it collects at its warehouse, then ships them off for permanent destruction. In this project we destroyed 8,857lbs of refrigerant gases, preventing 67,967 tons of CO2e from entering the atmosphere.
Offset credits were generated from the collection and destruction of old refrigerants in accordance with the protocols set forth by the leading carbon registry ACR. All our work with ACR is third-party verified to ensure compliance and quality.