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Tradewater is a mission based, B Corp Certified project development company that is working to collect, control, and destroy potent non-CO2 greenhouse gases such as old refrigerants, halons, and methane from abandoned and orphaned oil and gas wells.
This project is specifically focused on the collection, control, and destruction of old refrigerants, specifically chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which are 10,900 times more potent that CO2 and ozone depleting substances. These refrigerants were banned from production via the Montreal Protocol but are still in use around the world with no mandates for responsible destruction. Tradewater’s work is to find, collect, and destroy remaining stockpiles of these gases before they are released into the atmosphere.
A recent study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology reported that 9 billion tonnes of CO2e are at risk of being released to the atmosphere from CFC gases. Project Drawdown identified refrigerant management and destruction as one of the top solutions to prevent catastrophic climate change.
Tradewater and its partners are the only ones addressing the issue of old refrigerants globally, with a model that reinvests revenue from carbon credit sales into scaling the work around the world.
In Thailand, Tradewater is working in cooperation with the government to collect and control old refrigerants that were brought into the country illegally and seized by the Customs Department. Tradewater is managing the seized stockpile of refrigerants, aggregating the gas, and destroying it at an incineration firm located in Thailand, which meets all environmental regulations as well as the destruction requirements of the Montreal Protocol. The total impact of the project will exceed 1 million metric tonnes of carbon offset credits.
Offset credits will be generated from the collection and destruction of old refrigerants in accordance with the protocols set forth by the leading carbon registry American Carbon Registry (ACR). All Tradewater's work with ACR is third-party verified to ensure compliance and quality.