Avonmouth Carbon Mineralization

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The Avonmouth project operated by O.C.O Technology Limited is a key component of their innovative approach to carbon capture and utilization. Located at Unit 1 Severn View Industrial Estate, Central Avenue, Avonmouth, UK BS10 7SD, this facility is at the forefront of converting CO₂ emissions into solid building materials. Through the process of accelerated carbonation, CO₂ is reacted with alkali earth hydroxides and silicates to produce carbonated aggregate from waste materials. This unique method not only helps in reducing carbon emissions but also provides a sustainable solution for carbon removal.
In terms of production, the Avonmouth facility blends different thermal residues, conditions them with water, and exposes them to an elevated concentration of carbon dioxide to accelerate the carbonation process. This results in the production of carbonated aggregate with a carbon content of 144 kg of CO₂ per tonne of aggregate product. The facility has demonstrated a significant output, with 401,773 tonnes of aggregate product produced in the full calendar year prior to registration. These numbers underscore the scale and impact of the Avonmouth project in contributing to carbon removal efforts.
Compliance and verification are integral aspects of the Avonmouth project, ensuring that the facility meets the required standards and regulations. Through compliance assessments, necessary permits, and verification activities in line with the Puro Standard General Rules and Carbonated Building Material Methodology, the Avonmouth site upholds its commitment to environmental responsibility. Looking ahead, the Avonmouth project is part of O.C.O Technology Limited's expansion strategy, with plans for a fourth site in Wretham set to begin operations in early 2024. Additionally, international plants in Australia, Japan, and Spain are on the horizon, showcasing the company's global vision for sustainable carbon removal practices.