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European forests face imminent climate risks as they largely consist of monocultures heavily affected by bark beetles, droughts, and storms.
Indeed, according to the German Aerospace Center, more than 500,000 hectares of forest have died in Germany since 2018, and a governmental report indicates that 4 out of 5 trees have already been affected by climate change.
Tackling this challenge requires turning endangered monocultures into climate-resilient, biodiverse forests—a process called ‘forest adaptation’. Pina Earth develops climate projects that implement forest adaptation measures and thereby remove and store additional carbon.
Projects by Pina Earth are currently live on over 1000 hectares in Germany, including the Luckaitztal forest adaptation project in Brandenburg. The latter converts more than 600 hectares of pine forest into near-natural and climate-resilient permanent forest. Currently made up of 94% pine trees with relatively uniform tree heights, this coniferous forest is vulnerable to climate-related threats such as storms, heat stress, and beetle infestations.
Forest adaptation creates greater climate resilience by implementing the following measures:Single-tree harvesting to stimulate natural rejuvenationPlanting of diverse tree species to increase biodiversityWildlife management to prevent serious game damage to young treesBy implementing these measures, the Luckaitztal climate project reduces carbon emissions by increasing structural diversity, thereby removing additional carbon emissions from the atmosphere. This increases stability and prepares the forest for future climatic conditions over the long term.NOTE to buyers: Thanks to an ex-ante forward purchase agreement, tonnage is 'issued' and available at the time of project deployment — in expectation of future carbon removal set to occur from the time of deployment through the course of the project's lifetime (>25 years). The project has been deployed (forest adaptation started), but the entirety of the carbon removal process has not yet been completed. Pina will deliver a certificate confirming the purchase and provide updates related to carbon dioxide removal rates as data becomes available. Ex-ante carbon credits may not be suited for common climate claims. Reach out to Patch if you have questions about which climate claims would be suitable for these credits.