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Manufacture Bois Paille produces straw-insulated wood-frame panels using the innovative technology developed and patented by their partner, Activ Home®. These panels enable swift and environmentally-friendly construction practices.
These panels not only comply with the demands of new energy regulations, but also remain competitive when compared to conventional materials that contribute to pollution. Overall, the use of straw and the development of prefabricated wood-frame panels can help create healthy, sustainable buildings that meet modern energy requirements while ensuring a cleaner and more efficient construction process.
Better construction and better use of buildings in the European Union (EU) would reduce final energy consumption by 42%, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 35%, and all extracted materials by more than 50%. Notably, in 2019, the construction and operation of buildings were responsible for 38% of global energy-related CO₂ emissions. However, due to the pandemic and global efforts to decarbonize the sector, emissions experienced a 10% decrease. The adoption of biobased materials in construction presents a compelling solution to diminish the carbon footprint of the building sector.
These materials not only involve fewer pollutant components but also require significantly lower energy inputs during the manufacturing process compared to materials such as concrete, gypsum, or steel. Furthermore, their implementation facilitates the long-term storage of atmospheric CO₂. Straw, as a bio-sourced material, holds great potential as a locally abundant resource, boasting exceptional thermal and environmental qualities. By combining wood with straw, it becomes possible to construct buildings that are both sustainable and conducive to well-being, offering optimal insulation and comfort.
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