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Housing Retrofit Energy Efficiency
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Project Highlights2023 Ashden award winner for Energy InnovationUplifts local UK communities through the affordable decarbonization of UK housing stockDelivers carbon credits that provide localised, measurable, and accountable carbon reductions, issued by the verified carbon standardBenefits households by boosting the energy efficiency of homes, lowering bills, and improving the health and mental wellbeing of residentsFunds raised from the purchase of carbon credits channelled directly back into further retrofit workMeasures not just tonnes of carbon reduction but the social value of warmer, more energy-efficient homesThe only project developer in the world originating carbon credits from the decarbonisation of housing stockThe challengeHomes are the single largest contributor of carbon emissions from the built environment, accounting for almost a quarter of the UK’s total carbon emissions, and representing the largest barrier to reaching net zero by 2050. The scale of investment needed to tackle this means that unlocking private sector investment will be critical to decarbonizing the housing stock.At the same time, over three million households in the UK are in fuel poverty – and with rising energy prices and a cost of living crisis, this is only projected to get worse. Access to affordable heat profoundly impacts health, comfort, wellbeing, and productivity, with the Building Research Establishment finding that excess cold in homes costs the NHS £857m a year. Improving the energy efficiency of the housing stock is therefore vital, and there is a clear need for practical and fair financial solutions to the environmental and social challenges posed by poor-quality homes.The projectThe Powering Net Zero (PNZ) Group is facilitating the UK’s transition to net zero by 2050 by funding the affordable decarbonization of British homes through carbon credits. PNZ Group is the only project developer in the world originating carbon credits from the decarbonization of housing stock.This project, which won the 2023 Ashden award for Energy Innovation, will drive uplift in local UK communities by making the decarbonization of housing affordable. It delivers carbon credits that provide localized, measurable, and accountable carbon reductions, issued by the verified carbon standard. Enrolled households benefit from improved energy efficiency, which results in lower bills and improved health and mental wellbeing.All funds generated through carbon credits are channelled directly back into further retrofit work, creating a closed-loop system that delivers a genuine and quantifiable impact. The project measures not just the tonnes of carbon reduced but also the social value that warmer, more energy-efficient homes deliver for people and communities.