Zambia Improved Cookstoves

Improved Cookstoves Energy Efficiency


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The African Stove Company Ltd. (TASC) is the coordinating/managing entity (CME) of the program of activities (PoA) and is the sole implementer of the voluntary project activities (VPA). TASC’s mission is financing and developing high-impact climate mitigation projects.
The VPA is retroactive in nature, as the first improved cookstove was distributed in Zambia on the 21st of September 2021. Cookstoves are continually being distributed under this VPA, and so the total number of devices is changing over time. At the time of writing this description, a total of 32,627 devices have been distributed to households within the project boundary of Zambia.
The VPA is implemented in rural and peri-urban communities in Zambia where wood fuel is the primary source of energy for cooking, and open, three-stone fires are commonplace. The Project Implementer will capture data from each household about the baseline appliance and fuel source that is being used to ensure that households using wood fuel on open fires are targeted by the VPA.
The project cookstoves combust biomass fuels more efficiently, reducing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and particulate emissions (PM), thus improving the indoor air quality in project households. Due to the higher thermal efficiency of the improved cookstoves relative to three-stone fires, the amount of non-renewable biomass fuel required for meeting similar thermal energy needs is reduced.
In the absence of the proposed VPA, inefficient three-stone fires are used for cooking. Replacing them with the project's improved cookstoves reduces non-renewable biomass fuel consumption, reducing GHG emissions.
Cookstoves will be distributed by TASC in rural or peri-urban Zambia to individual households, which have been identified as using wood fuel on open fires for day-to-day cooking purposes. Sensitization meetings will inform communities of the project, the technology, and the agreement between the end users and the Project Participants. TASC will manage the logistics of cookstove distribution process and collect all the required data from end users via a bespoke app that connects automatically to the project monitoring database.