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GIAB's mission is to give products a new life through product circularity principles. This way, the company maximizes products' value by reconditioning IT devices including laptops, MacBooks, iMacs, screens, iPads, and smartphones. This brings value to second-hand products that would otherwise be considered waste, enabling optimization and prolonging IT devices' useful life.
GIAB operates in two business areas:Circular Insurance: This is a service offered to the Scandinavian insurance industry. Damaged products are sent to GIAB in order for them to be verified and repaired as needed. This business is divided into two branches: (a) Circular laptops, which are fixed in house at GIAB's facility, and (b) Circular mobile phones, which are mostly fixed by GIAB's partners in Dublin, Malmo, and Slovenia. Repaired products either return to the policyholder or are sold into GIAB's sales channels to a new user through a standardized digital process. Non-repairable products have their pieces saved to be used as spare parts.Re:commerce: Through return logistics management and after-market service, GIAB works to extend the useful life of products by fixing them. Contrary to the Circular-type business, Re:commerce works with other types of companies that are not insurance companies.User electronic devices constitute about 2% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and are one of the fastest growing sectors in emissions. In addition to climate change impacts, new devices also require mining rare minerals and materials, which creates a rapidly growing stream of hazardous waste. In an increasingly digitized world, the use of these devices (such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets) is only expected to increase.
Most of the environmental impacts of small electronic devices come from their manufacturing. That means increasing the lifetime of devices is a significant lever to reduce GHG emissions in this sector, since fewer new devices are produced. One method for increasing device lifetime is device repair and reconditioning.
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